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01 October, 2019 in nonsenses - 2 mins to read

Tags: JavaScript / Gatsby

Once again, to write

I love writing and reading, but I don't have the time to do both. I have postponed too much time to write again, and I think that has done me a little damage since I have lost the practice.

I've decided that it's a good time to learn new things and keep a blog about it. Maybe the mistake that I had before was that I was first doing this for an audience and it did not include me in it, so this time I intend to write mainly for myself and in response to some questions that I frequently answer to other people.

So, dear reader, if you know me you will know about the things that are of my interest and maybe not all of this is of your interest, but I hope that some of this is interesting to you as it is for me.

Made with Gatsby

I've made the blog with Gatsby,a framework written in React to create static sites. Previously I used Jekyll, written in ruby, with which I felt quite comfortable working but it was difficult to customize since my specialty is with JavaScript so I did not venture to make such drastic changes in the engine, which I will change with Gatsby and which I've' already started doing now.

Their documentation is amazing but I ventured without reading it because I wanted to experience first hand if it was complicated to understand their tools. It was a pleasant surprise that in version 2 (before I had tried with v1 and it was not a pleasant experience) everything was so simple or at least it was easy to debug and find the problems.

Another reason for why I did wanted to play with Gatsby was that it uses GraphQL, another technology that is pretty popular nowadays and wich I had only read about it. I just can say... WOW. Maybe isn't the definitive solution to all of our problems, but it's a good answer to the Front End's world.


Another reason of why I wanted to write again was the fact that I want to improve my english, so I wrote a little script to have localization. Gatsby already has some i18n packages to make this, but I had some troubles when I wanted to implement it because I changed from markdown to MDX for my posts. So I can tell you that if you know JavaScript, customizing it will be a piece of cake.

What's this all about?

As I mentioned before, I'll try to write from diverse of topics, so I'll not only talk about technology because it's not the only topic I usually talk about. Another thing I decided was not to add a comment section in each post and pass all those conversations to social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

So let's start with this story.

Algus Dark

Algus Dark

I'm a Geek, lover of technology and literature. I touched a computer at age 13 and the heat of the screen hypnotized me. My hobby is learning new stuff.